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Trinocular Microscope with Camera (Without PC)(Model-BSEX-207) (Make BSCO)


Specification:- A standard Coaxial Microscope complete with specially designed digital colored 2.0
MP camera eyepiece for teaching , demonstration of slides and group discussion in schools colleges,
Pathological Labs and other Institutes. With high definition semi plan optics for outstanding vision
and sharper details. Without Computer or TV
Two 10x Wide Field Eye -piece
Objectives:- , 4 nos. Parfocal Achromatic, 4x 10x, 40x SL and 100x SL Oil immersion.
Nose Piece:- Dust proof quadruple ball bearing nose piece
Focusing System :- Separate coarse and graduated fine focusing knobs
Condenser:- Bright field sub stage condenser
Mechanical Stage:- Low drive Co-axial mechanical stage
Illumination: 6V, 20 W Halogen lamp with on/off switch, light intensity regulator
and Plano concave mirror attachment suitable for 220 V, 50 Hz . AC supply.
Optional :- Led lamp with battery backup, dark field condenser, Face contrast kit