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Medical Microscope (Make BSSCO)(Model-BSEX-202)


Medical Microscope Specification:-
Eye Piece:- Wide field 10x eye-piece of set of 10x & 15x Huygenian Eye-pieces
Nosepiece:- Triplet revolving nosepiece with click stops
Stage: – Detachable horizontal graduated mechanical stage 120 mm x 120 mm with
convenient adjustment for slide movement.
Focusing:- By vertical movement of the observation tube, with coarse adjustment using
rack-pinion movement and fine motion by screw level mechanism.
Condenser:- Double lenses bright field Abbe condenser 1.25 is fixed below the stage with diaphragm
and swing out filter holder, can be moved through rack pinion.
Prevention:- Adjustable down stopper for preventing accidental damage to slide
Illuminator :- by Plano concave mirror
Objective:- Achromatic 10x and 45x & 100 x (Oil immersion) (All Brass)