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Humidity Chamber (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1445)

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Humidity ChamberTriple walled With Forced Air Circulation by motorized Blower .
Inside Wall Would be Stainless Steel, Outside wall of mild and intervening walls of GI Sheet.
It would have outer Double metal door with one full view inner glassdoor.
it would be fitted with relegation compressor Provide with 3 Shelves.
Proper Illumination Provide Inside the Chamber
Humidity is Obtained by Steam Injection System. Humidity Measured the lamp and Humidity is controlled by digital automatic pre set type controller cum Indicator in conjunction with an Electronic Relay.
Cooling Type Condenser and control panel fitted in front side of the cabinet with all control and switches. Complete with motorized cooled condenser supplied with trays for keeping the samples
emp. Range 5 to 60 degree C. + 1 Deg. C.
Humidity range Range: Relative humidity 30% to 90% RH Drift Over 72 Hour. Accuracy + 3% R.H. With Indicator Blower switches
Operated in 220/230 V. Single Phase, Ac Mains with Digital Controller