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CZM-4 – Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope


Stand: Dual light stable stand with focusing knobs. Optional stand with fluorescent light, Boom stand, Bonder arm, Pillar Type Stand, Slim Base Stand.
Illumination: Provide with build in illumination both for incident light(12 V-20W Halogen) and transmitted light(12V-10W) or Dual Light Stand
Viewing Bodies: Binocular Zoom Pod 1:4, inclined at 45 deg, Inter-pupillary distance54mm-74mm
Trinocular Zoom Pod 1:4, inclined 45 deg. , Inter-pupillary distance 54mm-74
Eyepieces: Focusable WF 10x (FN22), Optional WF 16x (FN16), WF 20x (FN 12) with fixed or focusable movement
Auxiliary Objectives: 0.5X, 1.5X and 2.0X (Optional)
Accessories: Darkfield attachment, Polarizing Kit, Ring Light, Fiber Optic Illumination, Adapter for CCD Camera, Adapter for digital camera and 35mm SLR Camera