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Step into the realm of cutting-edge scientific exploration with the extraordinary B.S.Exports Medical Microscope. This is not just a microscope; it’s your gateway to a world of unmatched clarity, precision, and discovery. As a prominent player in the field of Laboratory and Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, recognized by MSME in India, we are committed to bringing you state-of-the-art solutions that amplify your research, analysis, and exploration endeavors like never before.

🔬 Uncover New Dimensions of Discovery with the B.S.Exports Inclined Monocular Microscope! 🔬

🔍 Amplify Your Vision: Equipped with two 10x wide field eyepieces, our microscope brings unparalleled clarity to your observations.

🔬 Precision Objectives: Explore your samples with confidence using our Parfocal Achromatic objectives – 4x, 10x, 40x SL, and 100x SL Oil immersion, ensuring accuracy at every level.

👁️ Ergonomic Observation: Immerse yourself in your research with a 360-degree rotatable and 45-degree binocular inclined head, featuring anti-fungus coated prisms.

⚙️ Smooth Focus: Our microscope boasts a dust-proof quadruple ball-bearing nosepiece and separate coarse and graduated fine focusing knobs for refined control.

💡 Illuminate Brilliance: Experience enhanced illumination with a 6V, 20W LED lamp. Enjoy full control with an on/off switch, light intensity regulator, and Plano concave mirror attachment, compatible with 220V, 50Hz AC supply.

🔋 Power Backup Option: Opt for our LED lamp with battery backup for uninterrupted research even in challenging situations.

🏷️ Trust in the Brand: Choose BSSCOTM, a symbol of quality and innovation.

🌍 Proudly Made In India: Embrace excellence with a microscope designed and manufactured in India.

🔬 Accidental Damage Prevention: Our microscope is designed with your experiments in mind. An adjustable down-stopper prevents accidental damage to slides, ensuring your valuable specimens remain intact.

🔬 Shining Illumination: Illuminate your samples with perfection using the Plano concave mirror, enhancing the clarity and brilliance of your observations.

🔬 Achromatic Excellence: Our microscope is furnished with top-notch achromatic objectives, including 10x, 45x, and a remarkable 100x (Oil immersion). Crafted entirely from brass, these objectives promise durability and exceptional performance.

🔬 Branding Brilliance: Discover excellence with the BSSCOTM brand, embodying quality and innovation at its finest.

🌍 Make In India Pride: Celebrate the ‘Make In India’ spirit as our Medical Microscope bears the mark of quality originating from our country.

🔬 Model of Excellence: Unveiling the BSEX-202 model – a symbol of precision and reliability.

Elevate your scientific journey with the B.S.Exports Medical Microscope, where every observation transforms into an intricate masterpiece of accuracy and insight.

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