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    Hot Air Oven Thermostatic(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1403)

    6,500 13,540

    Hot air Oven Thermostatic – Make BSSCO Temp. Range:-
    Room to 200 deg. Inner chamber Aluminum and outer body
    ms powder coated heavy gauge element from three
    side and 75 mm insulation of glass wool to maintain

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    Hot Air Oven Digital (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1402)

    12,450 61,199

    Hot Air Oven with Digital temperature Controller Temp. Range:-Room to 200 deg. Inner chamber STAINLESS STEEL and outer body ms powder coated heavy gauge element from three side and 75 mm insulation of glasswool to mentain temp. Make “BSSCO”

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  • Rectangular Muffle Furnace(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1405)

    16,195 39,500

    Muffle Furnace Laboratory model With Digital Temp. Controller. Maximum Temp 900 Deg. Working Temp 800 deg. heavy gauge inner chamber high temp. block with kainthal wire element. And 100 mm insulation of high temp. blanket to maintain temp.

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  • Laminar Air Flow (Make: BSSCO) (BSEX All Model)

    65,850 90,500

    Laminar Air Flow (Horizontal) Specification:-
    Complete body STAINLESS STEEL Working Area Table 3x2x2
    Hepa Filter Used – 3 Micron
    Pre Filter Used – 10 Micron
    U.V. Light Used – 36 watt ( 1.5 fit)
    Blower for Air – 1/5 H.P. Motor
    Pressure Manometer – Up to 10
    Acralic Used to protect U.V. – 5 mm thick
    Florocent Tube – 40 Watt 1.5 fit

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  • Vertical Autoclave(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1428A)

    45,195 107,500

    Vertical Autoclave– Fully Automatic Make”BSSCO” Double Wall with Digital Temprature and with Digital Timer fitted with Radial locking lid having inner and outer chamber made of Stainless Steel 304. Autoclave fitted with standard accessories like pressure gauge, steam release cock and safety valve and one streem valve extra to use streem for another experiment.

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  • Automatic BOD Incubator(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1441A)

    30,690 80,200

    Automatic BOD Incubator Temp. range 5 deg. C to 50 deg. C with accuracy of + 1 deg. C Double walled , inside SS 304 and outside M.S. Powder coated to work on 220/230 volts A.C. 50 Hz with Digital Temp Controller (PID). Compressor at the Bottom of instrument and whole instrument easy to move with acrylic door

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  • Kjeldhal Digestion and Distillation COMBINED (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1435)


    Kjeldahl Digestion and Distillation Unit (Combined)
    “BSSCO” Consisting of one single mild steel tubular Stand
    provided with two heating shelves one above the other. A fume
    duct and a heater box are supplier for digestion with individual
    heavy duty ON/OFF switches. In the upper portion another
    heater box with a condenser rack of metal with water circulation
    system and clamps are given for distillation part. The whole unit
    is electrically asperated on 220 volts AC mains. Complete with
    cord and plug, thermostatically controlled by an energy
    regulator. The unit is supplied with glasspart. Size:- Set of 6 heated type.

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  • Water Single Distillation Apparatus (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1416)


    Water Single Distillation Apparatus– Stainless Steel capacity 4 ltr. per

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  • Tray Dryer (Make: BSSCO) (BSEX All Model)

    33,950 167,000

    Tray Dryer Temp. range Room to 100 deg. C with accuracy of + 1 deg. C Double walled , inside SS 304 and outside M.S.powder coated to work on 220/230 volts A.C. 50 Hz with Digital Temp Controller (PID).

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  • Gerber Centrifuge Machine (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1431)


    Gerber Centrifuge Machine 15 ml x 8 tube With 1400 Rpm with manual timer and with break specially for milk industry MAKE-BSSCO

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  • Cooling Water Bath(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1412A)

    31,200 39,900

    Cooling water bath With PID ControllerTemprature 0 to 50 deg. Inner Chamber made of S.S.304 Heavy Gauge and Outer Chember made of ms powder coated with stirer to Maintain temp. accuracy +/- 1 deg. whole body easy to move.Comprasor (Cooling System) at the bottom of Water Bath

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  • COD DIGESTOR(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1443A)

    18,500 22,500

    COD Digestor – Temp. 250 deg. Make BSSCO With Digital Temp Controller and with digital timer to complete process and outer body ms powder coated inner chamber Aluminium block. Complete with Glass Tube and stand

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  • Digital Oil Bath Round (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1415)


    Digital Oil BATH Double Wall with PID Controller Temp. up to
    300 deg. Outer body MS Powder Coated inner chamber STAINLESS STEEL
    304 Heavy Gauge with insulation of 100 mm glass wool to
    maintain with Stirrer temp.Heavy gauge Temp Accuracy + 1 Deg. Size 12ltr.

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  • Serological Digital Water Bath (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1411)

    11,500 24,700

    Serological WATER BATH Double Wall Digital controller temp. up to 99 deg.
    Outer body M.S. Powder coated inner chamber Stainless Steel 304 with
    insulation of 75 mm glass wool to maintain temp.Heavy gauge accuracy +-1 Deg.

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  • Hot Plate Rectangular(Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1425A)

    4,995 9,500

    Hot Plate Rectangular Made up of Top Molded MS Outer body MS Powder Coated Temp Up to 300 Degree

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  • HOT PLATES (Make: BSSCO) (Model: BSEX-1423)


    Hot Plate regular Model 200mm Dia molded MS with energy regulator temp. 300 degree

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